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Insurances Accepted

West Side Pediatrics accepts most insurance plans. For your convenience, we’ve listed the plans below. However, insurance policies and plan cover ages often change. To minimize headache and dissatisfaction, we recommend the following:

  • Confirm that your primary care provider (PCP) has been updated.
    • To cover the cost of your visit, some insurance plans require that the PCP you’ve selected, is connected to your child’s profile in their system. Please call your individual insurance carrier to confirm and update the necessary information per their requirements.
  • Remember to add your newborn to your insurance plan.
    • Many insurance plans do not automatically add coverage for newborns. We strongly recommend that you call them prior to your appointment to confirm that your baby has active coverage. In the event that coverage cannot be confirmed or is inactive on the day of your scheduled visit, please understand that this will then become an out of pocket expense.
  • Review the rules and allowances of your insurance carrier.
    • No parent likes receiving that surprise bill after a visit to their child’s doctor. Though our billing department is available to review any questions you might have, please call your insurance plan carrier ahead of time to review their rules for clinic visits.

We offer the following tips to help guide your call:

  1. Ask about the plan’s policy regarding co-pays and deductibles. This may vary between well-visits and sick visits (i.e. any visit for care outside of a well-visit).
  2. Review the number of well-visits allowed and how often these visits can occur.
  3. Find out if there are any restrictions on whether your provider is allowed to perform both well and sick services at the same office visit. Some insurance plans are very strict and will only allow well-visit services, for example. If additional concerns are reviewed at that particular visit, charges will apply.

Interested in teaming up with our clinic in the care of your child? Call (702) 821-2000 to schedule an appointment today.