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Watching your baby develop new skills and abilities as they learn to explore the world around them, comes with lots of anticipation and excitement. Keeping up with routine well child visits and discussing any concerns you may have with your pediatrician, will help your child achieve their maximum potential each step of the way.

Every child develops at their own pace. However, there are generally accepted time frames for which certain abilities are expected to emerge. These abilities are known as developmental milestones. Interacting with your child regularly to help promote growth in the areas of social, language, cognitive/thinking, and motor skills will help with their progress. Additionally, identifying “red flags” in development serves a very important role. A red flag signals that a child may be at risk of not achieving an expected milestone. Early referrals and evaluations, as recommended by your child’s doctor, are key steps in addressing any possible delays. In fact, obtaining a baseline developmental evaluation for any concerns is as simple as contacting your state’s early intervention program. It does not require a referral. For patients of our clinic, we welcome you to not only to discuss your concerns with us, but utilize the link below to initiate an evaluation of your child’s development at anytime:

Nevada’s Early Intervention Programs

Please use the checklist links below in conjunction with routine visits to your pediatrician to help monitor your child’s progress:

Milestone Checklist

Milestone Checklist (Spanish)